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Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath Interview

Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath talks about how dogs move based on their structure, sheds light on form & function, and shares tips on how to identify what it is we see when dogs move. Her new DVD, expanding on her Pembroke Welsh Corgi DVD, is coming out this Fall. Watch for the announcement on this blog.

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Be The Expert! The English Cocker Spaniel

Member Spotlight On the English Cocker Spaniel

The best way to learn a topic in depth (and to be known as an expert) is to teach it, and that’ exactly what we’re doing at Dog Show Mentor. In this epic segment of the program, members learn the art of being a mentor to others in the Sport.

The Dog Show Mentor program supports the education of its members for the purpose of mentoring fellow exhibitors and judges in their primary breeds. Each member has the opportunity to create a short presentation based on their breed standard which is recorded and presented to the other members of the group. 

Members learn the proper terminology and verbiage to effectively share their expertise with all levels of students of their breed. They learn what judges want and need to know to judge a breed well. Become known as an expert in your breed when you can relate key components of type in a clear, concise manner. Join the group that is dedicated to excellence! Be The Expert! 

English Cocker Spaniels

Bruce Schwartz on Montgomery County KC

Bruce Schwartz, President of Montgomery County KC talks about what makes MCKC so special in the world of purebred dogs and particularly in the World of Terriers.

Raw and unedited. 

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Montgomery County Kennel Club Logo


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Don’t Leave Your Common Sense at Home!

“Don’t leave your common sense at home!” Unknown*

Last weekend I was judging some Working breeds. You know, the breeds where you never want to be caught in between two testosterone-filled dogs. In a couple of these breeds, I found the common sense of the handlers sorely lacking. 

Overall, the dogs were great: trained and well-behaved. What struck me was the handlers. Now don’t think I differentiate between professionals or owner-handlers. I mean both! After successfully executing the down and back, a number of them got a few feet from me and promptly turned their dog in the direction of the next dog waiting in line. This meant that the judge, myself, was sandwiched in between two of these most awesome dogs. In the cases where I wasn’t sandwiched, the dogs were practically head to head. Now, even well-trained, well-mannered dogs coming face to face are given something to think about or at least instinctively react to, in just a split second. 

Admittedly, I was impressed that the dogs were fine, but again, I found the common sense of these handlers totally absent. In several cases, I asked the handlers to swing the dogs around to face the other direction. Problem solved.

In a nutshell, use your common sense to keep the dogs safe, keep yourself safe, and from a judge’s perspective, keep the judge safe.


*I’m not sure who said this, but one person told me it was Mrs. Clark. I haven’t been able to attribute it to anyone, but she made so many quotable comments, I’ll give her this one too.

Success Story from Dog Show Mentor Member

Learn how yet another Dog Show Mentor member found success! This time, a member shares her success at specialties after a Secret Weapon Session. Winning at specialties is an owner-handler’s dream. “Your insights enabled me to show off the true beauty of my dogs!”

“Great Secret Weapon Session prior to our back-to-back specialties! Your coaching, Lee, was truly what made my week at the specialties such a dream come true. Your support through your wonderful coaching made all the difference in the world to my presentation in the ring. Your insights enabled me to show off the true beauty of my dogs!

“The Dog Show Mentor program is so valuable and rewarding when the outcomes become an awesome reality in the ring. I thank you with all my heart.”

To find out more how to get your own Secret Weapon Session, go to DSM Secret Weapon Sessions

Ute Luppertz Interview – TTouch

Dog Show Mentor is proud to present this interview with Ute Luppertz, MA. She has been coaching dogs & their owners with Tellington Touch for over 10 years. Ute shares tips on how to enhance your dog’s performance in preparation for and while in the ring using TTouch methods. This is a very special interview with a very special and insightful healer. Copyright 2017 Lee Whittier. All Rights Reserved. For access to this interview, go to

Ute Luppertz – TTouch Expert

Epic! Member Benefit

Another Member Benefit – Spotlight On Member Presentations

Judges look to experienced exhibitors and parent club approved mentors to be educated in the new breeds they wish to judge. They attend Judges Education Seminars and Workshops in hopes of gaining the information they need to do a great job judging new breeds.

Some of the judges education mentors are well prepared and often are professional educators in their other lives. However, many are ill prepared and don’t understand what judges need and want to learn. They don’t understand how to talk about their breed without creating biases for or against their own breeding stock. 

The Dog Show Mentor program is expanding its program to include teaching owner-handlers to be better mentors. We all know that the better exhibitors carry the most knowledge of their breed standards and that the best way to learn about a topic is to teach it. Now Dog Show Mentor members are learning to teach their standards to judges and to other exhibitors which in turn improves their win rates.

How does this happen?

Simple. The better educated the judges are, the more they will be able to easily identify the best dogs in the ring and the more owner-handlers with good dogs will win! This happens when educators understand the details and essence of their breed intimately!

What words do you use? Are you using the right ones that will communicate effectively the essence of the breed? Do you know your breed’s hallmarks? Do those hallmarks agree with the ones that the ‘greats’ in your breed teach? Have you checked? How does your standard talk about prioritizing and how do the great breeder judges in your breed prioritize? What does a good power point presentation look like? How is it most effectively used?

These are just some of the questions that are essential to the mentoring process. Here is more information about the Dog Show Mentor program.

August Member Appreciation

August is Member Appreciation Month at Dog Show Mentor!

What is a Secret Weapon Session?

It’s a 1:1 session with Lee where you can create your own personal, strategic approach to winning (more!) in the ring. Each person sets the goal for individual sessions. Most people set goals, or focus on specific shows, trouble shoot, and problem solve.  Lee works online in the Dog Show Mentor private web room, on the phone, or in person.

Secret Weapon Sessions 

Members Only Special $99 Secret Weapon Sessions! ($25 off the regular member price)

Apply Now! and stock up on this great tool to help you win (more!) in the ring.

What one member said about her recent session: “Floored! So many ah-ha moments! I feel like I’ve been given a key.”


Secret Weapon Sessions are also available to owner-handlers who are not enrolled in the program. For pricing, check out Secret Weapon Sessions

Member Success Stories

I am so thrilled with the results that members are getting, I just had to share with you! Confidentiality is an important part of the Dog Show Mentor program, so the name is withheld to protect the identity.

Member Success Story #3

Shared by a member after only 2 months in the program.

“This wonderful program offers insight, support, encouragement, and knowledge. I love how Lee and the other members of Dog Show Mentor encourage everyone to be the best they can be. Awesome program. I mention it to people everywhere I go. ?”

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