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Competitive Drive – Do you have what it takes?

Three time Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White has steely, competitive drive! He bounced back from his 2014 wipe out where he didn’t win a single medal.

In 2018, defying the nay-sayers who said that he couldn’t keep up with the younger competition, his qualifying runs were touted as high quality as the Medalists runs a few years before! His runs set a new bar for his competitors, and he won his third Gold Medal. Here’s his qualifying run.

White rebounded to win his third Gold in the Men’s Half Pipe Snowboarding competition in 2018. Here’s his Gold winning epic final run!

Why is this important for you? As a dog show exhibitor and owner-handler, you and your dog are competitive athletes, and it’s not just luck to win. With the right coach and the right program, you too can compete at the highest levels and push the competition that you previously feared.

Join the program and learn what the Spirit of Competition can do for you and your dog!


How to Get Your Sweet Wins in February!

How do you learn to be a “Conscious Automatic” handler? Learn from a judge’s perspective how to win (more!) in the ring! Find out about the member benefits: Listen to experts, judges, professional handlers, and successful owner-handlers on ring strategies. Get discounts on Secret Weapon Sessions, learn how to create a presentation on your breed and much more at

Kathryn Kirk – Interview

The Infamous and unbeatable Kathryn Kirk, professional handler, talks about secrets and goals of successfully showing dogs. Listen to her history all the way from working for Bob and Jane Forsythe to Best In Show at Westminster with Rufus the Colored Bull Terrier.

What was her secret? The “Queen of FlimFlam” will keep your interest all the way through this enlightening and funny interview. Copyright 2018 Lee Whittier. All Rights Reserved.

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Be The Expert! The Pekingese

Member Spotlight On The Pekingese

The best way to learn a topic in depth (and to be known as an expert) is to teach it, and that’ exactly what we’re doing at Dog Show Mentor. In this epic segment of the program, members learn the art of being a mentor to others in the Sport.

The Dog Show Mentor program supports the education of its members for the purpose of mentoring fellow exhibitors and judges in their primary breeds. Each member has the opportunity to create a short presentation based on their breed standard which is recorded and presented to the other members of the group. In the case of the Pekingese, we are fortunate to have a parent club approved breeder sharing her considerable expertise.

Members learn the proper terminology and verbiage to effectively share their knowledge with all levels of students of their breed. They learn what judges want and need to know to judge a breed well. Become known as an expert in your breed when you can relate key components of type in a clear, concise manner. Join the group that is dedicated to excellence! Be The Expert!

Dog Show Mentor Benefits & Calendar

Are you curious about what happens at Dog Show Mentor? Do you want to see what you get with your membership? Click on the calendar for a peek at member benefits!

DSM 2018 Calendar


2 Webinars a Month with optional interaction on Hot Topics & Strategies from                     a Judge’s Perspective – recorded & available in the Members section 24/7.

1 Question & Answer Webinar a Month – What’s on your mind?

1 Tipster Tuesday Every Month – Share tips with each other on the Secret FB                     Page.

1 Member Spotlight On . . . A member gives a short mentoring session on                         their own breed with guidance from Lee.

1 Judge/Dog Expert Interview filled with insights & strategies to win (more!)                      in the ring!

Each member gets one free Secret Weapon Session after their first month.

Access to 50% discount on Secret Weapon Sessions

Buy 12 Secret Weapon Sessions & get a further 25% discount ongoing

The Alexanders – Focus on International Judging

International judges David and Carolyn Alexander, talk about their judging experiences around the world.

In Part 1, the focus is China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. They share insights and revelations about the quality of dogs and the cultural aspects of the Global Dog Community.

Copyright 2017 Lee Whittier. All Rights Reserved.

Available to members only. To to to become a member now!

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