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Educational Philosophy



  1. Develop a program where people can jump right in and learn right away, i.e., one that is useful for first-time exhibitors to 30-year people who have been coasting or starving for learning.
  2. Create a rolling program that has structure and flexibility, i.e., an ordered system where people have the option of picking and choosing what interests them.
  3. Provide a safe venue and build community within that venue so people can be candid and learn from each other.
  4. Create rich material presented in small bites.
  5. Make learning fun – lighthearted learning lasts longer.
  6. Interactive webinars allow for questions and create a richer and more engaging learning environment.
  7. Be a mentor who is available for private learning at members’ convenience for those who learn best one-on-one.

New Quarter New Half Start Now!


What better way to start the second half of your year than to start understanding more about showing dogs, judges, and dog shows. Make a fresh start in the second half! Have more fun, develop more confidence and win more in the ring! Get a free assessment whether the Dog Show Mentor program is right for you. Find out if there’s a spot open for your group/region. Click here.

Spotlight On . . . Member Presentation

Member Spotlight On . . . The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The best way to learn a topic in depth (and to be known as an expert) is to teach it, and that’ exactly what we’re doing at Dog Show Mentor. In this epic segment of the program, members learn the art of being a mentor to others in the Sport.

The Dog Show Mentor program supports the education of its members for the purpose of mentoring fellow exhibitors and judges in their primary breeds. Each member has the opportunity to create a short presentation based on the Hallmarks of the breed standard. Each member’s presentation is recorded and presented to the other members of the group in the Member’s Only area.

Members learn the proper terminology and verbiage to effectively share their knowledge with all levels of students of their breed. They learn what judges want and need to know to judge a breed well. Become known as an expert in your breed when you can relate key components of type in a clear, concise manner. Join the group that is dedicated to excellence! Be The Expert!

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Brain Trainer – Holly Stokes

Stellar Confidence with Your Brain! Get the Mental Edge

The Brain Trainer Holly Stokes

May 2018

Dog Show Mentor Members Only Webinar


Do you want more confidence in the ring?

When we think of confidence, we think of it as either on or off. We either feel it or we don’t. What if we thought of it as a continuum?

Join us for Brain Skills;  tools, quick tips to:

  • Understanding Your Own Brain
  • Recognizing the Blocks to Confidence
  • Feeling Better in Your Skin
  • Acknowledging your Capabilities
  • Stepping into Your Confidence Instantly

Life gets much easier when you ‘ReTrain Your Brain’ for confidence, calm, well-being and enjoying life more.

Learn practical skills and tools in this webinar event.


About Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

Holly Stokes trains the brain out of: anxiety, fears, self-criticism, negative thinking, self-sabotage and unhappiness. She has authored two books and created several CD’s designed to rewire the brain for successful life changes. She loves to empower people with ‘Brain Skills’ for life.

Stokes has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of applied psychology with Certifications in Life & Business Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis.  She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and the Chicago Tribune and has appeared on radio shows and local TV.

“Your brain is responsible for everything you think, feel and do. Success in life, health and business are much easier with your brain on-board.”

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer  801-810-9406

Competitive Drive – Do you have what it takes?

Three time Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White has steely, competitive drive! He bounced back from his 2014 wipe out where he didn’t win a single medal.

In 2018, defying the nay-sayers who said that he couldn’t keep up with the younger competition, his qualifying runs were touted as high quality as the Medalists runs a few years before! His runs set a new bar for his competitors, and he won his third Gold Medal. Here’s his qualifying run.

White rebounded to win his third Gold in the Men’s Half Pipe Snowboarding competition in 2018. Here’s his Gold winning epic final run!

Why is this important for you? As a dog show exhibitor and owner-handler, you and your dog are competitive athletes, and it’s not just luck to win. With the right coach and the right program, you too can compete at the highest levels and push the competition that you previously feared.

Join the program and learn what the Spirit of Competition can do for you and your dog!


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