Core Values

Core Values & Guiding Principles

of the

Dog Show Mentor Program


Dog Show Mentor Core Values

  • Confidentiality
  • Excellence
  • Community
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Support for the Sport and for Each other; Online and in Person


Guiding Principles of Dog Show Mentor


#1 Setting The Standard: Dog Show Mentor sets high standards for owner-handler achievement, education and support in the dog show world.

How do you know? When others model the standard of achievement, education, and support after Dog Show Mentor, we know we are benefactors of the sport of dogs in fundamental ways.

#2 Good Sportsmanship: Dog Show Mentor models the highest level of sportsmanship according to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship and sets an example for other fanciers to that end. We treat everyone with complete and utter respect.

How do you know? Read, reflect upon, and follow the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.

#3 Transparency: There is 100 percent transparency in policies and expectations so that all members have immediate, instant access to policies. The policies are written to be easily understood, posted, easily found, and universally applied.

How do you know? When there are few misunderstandings, we are being clear.

#4 Confidentiality: All private information including contact information, dog and owner names, locations, rankings, standings, and any other information is held in confidence by Dog Show Mentor unless specifically petitioned by legal agency.

How do you know? When someone asks Dog Show Mentor about a member, we honor our own Code of Confidentiality.

#5 Timelines and Deadlines: Dog Show Mentor is clear and consistent about timelines and deadlines. Webinar content is delivered in 20-30 minutes, plus time for Q & A, reflection, and feedback (total: 45 minutes). Q & A webinars will close after questions have been answered or up to 45 minutes in length. One interview per month will be unlocked, normally in the fourth week.

How do you know? When there is consistency and timeliness in execution and delivery of content, deadlines are being met.

#6 Approach to Excellence: Dog Show Mentor models excellence in the way we live. The level of excellence we bring to our home, kennel area, and vehicle reflect our commitment to excellence. How we do everything is how we do anything.

How do you know? When we hold ourselves to our highest level of excellence, it filters out into other areas of our lives.

#7 Organization: Orderliness is key to excellence. All items within our control are organized and put away every night. Everything is easily found and everything gets put back.

How do you know? When we enter our work area and think, “I am ready for my day. My home/kennel/desk looks great,” we are in alignment with this principle.

#8 Treatment of Dogs:  Cleanliness and orderliness of the dogs’ area is kept to the same standard as the rest of the home. All dogs are treated with kindness, gentle yet firm discipline, and respect. This includes not merely adequate but a high level of care on all levels.

How do you know? When we are of proud of showing the person we respect most how we keep our dogs, we are meeting this Guiding Principle.

#9 Respect for Self and For Others: Members act with self-respect and professionalism. We act as leaders in the Sport of Purebred dogs. We are proud of our respectful behavior. We behave with respect and kindness to others in the sport and within our extended community.

How do you know? When your intention, expression, demeanor and actions reflect a respectful attitude within yourself and to others, you are meeting this Guiding Principle.


Lee Whittier


Dog Show Mentor


“Regulate the ordinary to free the creative.” (Unknown to me)