Owner Handler Program

What is the Owner Handler program?

Lee is your personal Dog Show Mentor! She has developed a virtual program to introduce, enhance, and improve the non-technical skill set of all levels of dog fanciers who are showing their own dogs in the AKC conformation ring. Whether you are preparing for your first show and need guidance on basic etiquette or are already placing sporadically in the group and want to create a new approach, this program will help you improve your win rate.

How does this program help me improve my win rate?

The Owner Handler Program is about shifting your mindset and creating a new focus about what it takes to win in the ring. By participating in our virtual meetings, watching the exclusive interviews with renowned judges, successful owner-handlers, and professional handlers and asking questions at the monthly Q & A sessions, you will shift your mindset and focus on the key factors for winning. This program brings the experience of the breeders, owners, judges, and professional handlers to serve your quest for knowledge all to one place: DogShowMentor.com! Apply Now!

What are the advantages of the Owner-Handler program?

One of the advantages of this program is that you won’t have to compete in your direct area with others who are working with me. Only one person per AKC Group and geographic region is accepted into this program at this time. For example, one person per state is accepted from each of the seven groups except the larger states where there are two regions.

In addition, members have access to the Members Only pages where the exclusive interviews with renowned judges, stellar owner-handlers, and dedicated professional handlers are posted. Members also receive tips for staying healthy on the road and access to our Dog Show Mentor Facebook group to discuss shows, share photos, and learn from each other.


The recurring monthly meetings are as follows:

Virtual Meetings – Unlocking Your Wins

Membership includes three virtual meetings a month that are recorded and posted on the website if you can’t make the actual meeting.

  •  Before You Get to the Show: The Essentials of Preparation

The First Thursday of the Month at 5 PM Pacific

Topics such as evaluating your own dog, bonding activities, creating a show dog from the ground up. At show preparation: who to talk with, who to watch, and what to say or not to say.

  • Showcasing Your Dog: What’s Behind a Stellar Presentation?

The Second Wednesday of the Month at 2 PM Pacific

What every owner-handler needs to know to make a stellar presentation. Topics such as how to read the judge, how to focus on your dog, and how to get the judge’s attention; how to be confident and look confident.

  • Mentoring Call-in: Real Questions, Real Answers, No Bull!

The Third Tuesday of the Month at Noon Pacific

This is your topic of choice! The questions you submit are answered so you get exactly what you need in time for the next set of shows.

See FAQ page for additional information on these topics.


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How to Join the Program

Every prospective member must complete a profile application along with your payment. You will be notified within 48 hours whether your application has been approved. If it is not approved, the payment is 100% refundable immediately via PayPal. To avoid a conflict of interest, I will not be accepting applications from Tibetan Terrier owner-handlers in the Western states at this time.

How Much is it?

This exclusive owner handler program is affordable and can be cancelled at any time. We work on a rolling month so you can start RIGHT AWAY on the day you’re accepted. Any member may withdraw from membership before 5 PM Pacific Time, 4 days before the day of their individual monthly renewal. Month-to-month $97/month plus a one-time $100 application fee, or prepay for 6 months for $582 and save $100.

How To Apply

Applications for membership are accepted on a rolling basis, and the site is available upon acceptance, payment and creation of login credentials. To lockout the competition, click here to Apply Now and make sure your application is among the first to be considered for membership.

Secret Weapon Sessions


In addition to the virtual seminars, Lee offers individual, private sessions at a reduced rate to members:

Member Rate: 50% off – $125

Lee also offers private sessions to people who cannot get into the program when their membership territory is already occupied by another exhibitor. All sessions are 45 minutes long.

Non-member Rate: $249/session