Peke Specialty 2015

Peke Specialty 2015


Inagural MasterClass- Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 2 PM Pacific. The topic is:

What is the #1 reason owner-handlers don’t win as much as they should?





We cover everything related to winning in the ring from a judge’s perspective. Here are just a few of the topics we have talked about.  All MasterClass’ are available in the Members Only area of 24/7, so if you miss a meeting you can watch it at any time!

  • #1 Thing that Keeps Owner-handlers From Winning
  • Q & A First Impressions & Showing Puppies
  • Winning at Westminster
  • Unlocking Your Wins: Unpacking Your Standard Part I
  • Unlocking Your Wins: Unpacking Your Standard Part II
  • Dress to Impress – A Judge’s Perspective
  • What Aspects of Presentation are Most Important to the Judge
  • Q & A Asking Questions of the Judge,
  • Unlocking Your Wins: Goal Setting
  • Year-end Recap Bonus: Calculating Your Win Rate
  • Q & A: BBE, AmBred
  • How do Judges get Hired?
  • Managing Your Dogs’ Experience in the Ring
  • Q & A What Irritates Judges? Asking Questions Afterwards
  • Judges’ Preparation to Judge Your Breed
  • The Power of Observation
  • Hallmarks. What are they & why should I care?
  • What Happened at Westminster? 3 Cautionary Tales, 3 Success Stories to Inform & Inspire
  • The Magnificence of Movement
  • Dentition & Judges
  • 3 Tips 4 Free
  • How to Bounce Back from a Loss
  • Judges’ Preparation to Judge Your Breed
  • Unpacking the AKC Code of Sportsmanship – A Three Part Series
  • How the Quality of Your Dog Affects Your Win Rate

Upcoming webinars

  • What do the Patriots have to do with showing dogs?
  • On-the-day Judging
  • Staying on Time: You and the Judge
  • Dog Structure and Your Standard