What Are You Doing to Educate Yourself?

Group 1“The more often you stay and watch groups when you don’t win, the more likely you are to win.” Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier
What are you doing to educate yourself at dog shows? Are you taking the time to learn something new at every show?
Whether you are brand new to dogs or an experienced exhibitor, the following could be you.

You’ve arrived, set up, and you’ve shown your dog. You lost again. You’re frustrated and start packing up to go home but that little voice in your head remembers a blog from Dog Show Mentor that suggested you stay for the groups and watch. You really just feel disgusted, but you head over to find out what time groups start and check the sign at the Super’s area or judging program (JP) for group order. You’re in luck! The groups have already started, so you don’t even have to wait.

Once you’re there you realize that you’re not sure about all the breeds. Maybe you’ve never seen a Norwegian Lundehund before, and you whip out your phone to the breed standards that Dog Show Mentor pointed you to. Voila! So you sit down and start to watch, standards in hand.
Even if you are an experienced exhibitor, every time you read a standard you should ponder a new aspect of it in relation to the dog/s you are watching. Are you sitting by the group ring with a mentor and asking insightful questions? Maybe you’re sitting there with your phone looking at breed standards as each dog goes so you learn which dogs are the best examples of each particular breed? If you’re not, you should be!

Experienced or not, if you are gabbing and gossiping you’re missing valuable opportunities to deepen your knowledge. Maybe you’ll be the one in the group ring next time rather than sitting outside and watching. Get into the habit of staying for the groups and see how it transforms your next presentation.

Another tip from your Dog Show Mentor. FMI go to DogShowMentor.com/owner-handlerprogram

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