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Monthly Events

Each month, Premium Members get access to two live, interactive one-hour Webinars with Lee Whittier.

Our webinars are based on current trends, news, and YOUR questions. Each meeting is structured to give Dog Show Mentor members what they need to be successful in and out of the ring.


Video Vault

Dog Show Mentor Premium membership includes access to a vast library of over 200+ videos and resources including; exclusive interviews by Lee Whittier with dog experts, including judges, handlers, and breeders. Popular topics include "The Essentials of Preparation" and "What's Behind a Stellar Presentation."


Private Social Networking Community

  • Stay Connected - with a private Facebook group
  • Nurture Relationships - with like-minded owner-handlers
  • Develop your skills - on your own time
  • Celebrate your wins - with the people who get it

Dog Show Mentor App


Dog Show Premium membership includes the Dog Show Mentor mobile app. Get access to resources you can’t find anywhere else.



“My recent show record speaks volumes for the success that I can attribute to this program! Through Q&A MasterClasses, I’m able to ask tough questions and get real answers that I can apply. My handling skills have improved, my presentation skills have improved, my attitude and understanding about judges and handlers has changed, and my win record is a testimony to the value and success of Lee’s program.”

Christine R.

“The Dog Show Mentor Program has expanded my perception of the dog show world, ‘blowing my mind.’ I had not imagined that Dog Show Mentor would address such a wide variety of topics, truly laying the foundation for success. You have created a valuable program and I feel privileged to be a participant.”

Mary M.

Premium Savings

One-on-One Secret Weapon Coaching


Single Session 45 minute

Join Lee online or in person for a one-on-one strategy session personalized for you and your dog—or save with a bundle of sessions—to address your specific questions, concerns or objectives.

Spotlight on your Breed


In-depth study of your breed and then share your expertise.

Strategy Session
Lee will guide you on a research journey to learn about your breed’s history, standards, care, and presentation.

Presentation Prep
Discuss what you’ve learned and plan to record a 10- to 20-minute video about your breed.



Monthly Payment

  • 2 Live Interactive MasterClasses every month including Live Q&A

  • Interaction & support in private community group

  •  Immediate access to entire MasterClass archive

  •  Immediate access to all dog expert interviews

  • Private 1:1 coaching w/Lee @ Member Rate

  • Spotlight on your breed @ Member Rate



“It was so great to discover even more owner/handlers just like myself and even better to have a fearless leader like Lee to lead us! This year I learned that all it takes is just one person to believe in you to get started and encouragement along the way to keep you in it.”

Lori W.

“You are going to love all the different ways Dog Show Mentor helps you to be (and feel) prepared, confident, supported and encouraged (without judgment or criticism) by the members of this group, knowledgeable about your breed, and excited to show your heart out!”

Molly S.

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