Owner-Handlers, are you ready to start winning (more!) in the ring?


Welcome owner-handlers! Are you frustrated and thinking you’re not capable of competing with the professionals? I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! You can learn how to really shine at your next dog show! 

Owner-handlers in the Sport of Purebred Dogs are some of the most talented, creative, and driven people I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, not all of their dogs end up in the winners lineup where they belong. With a judge’s perspective, I’m here to help because I know that, with the right strategies, guidance, and support, almost any owner-handler can enjoy the limelight. If you’re open to learning new approaches to achieve your goal of being a top ranked owner-handler, you’re in the right place. I have successfully shown my own dogs as well as others’ in a semi-professional role. Now that I have been judging for over a decade, I am proud to be back to showing my own 6 month-old Tibetan Terrier puppy in Owner-Handled Group dogs. Recently after showing my young dog, Oliver, in an Owner-Handled group, I was approached by several top owner-handler exhibitors who were tremendously excited to see me on the other side of the table. It’s quite an honor to be successful as an owner-handler. But you don’t win dog shows like you win a lottery, you have to earn it! Most of the work is done well before you step into the ring.There are some very specific ways to show your dog, to read judges, and to bring your best game to the Sport. I know the in’s and out’s, and I share these secrets with you as a member of the Dog Show Mentor group. See FAQ page for additional information on these topics.   Membership fee of $97/month* includes: Check

  • Guidance from AKC Judge
  • Ring Presentation: Training via Webinar
  • Case Studies of Exceptional Owner-Handlers
  • Insider Conversations with AKC Judges
  • Geographic Exclusivity

Owner-Handler Mentoring Group This is a mentoring group for owner-handlers who are dedicated to EXCELLENCE! Everything we do is to enhance our performance and create an ultimately successful outcome in the ring. We are not a handling class, nor a social hour. This is a community dedicated to helping owner-handlers excel in the Sport of Purebred Dogs.  Click here