The Future of Dog Shows: Unpacking AKC's Latest Major Rule Change

#dogshows Dec 31, 2023


The AKC's Latest Rule Change: Boosting Excitement in Dog Shows!

News from the AKC!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is at it again, innovating to enhance the experience for dog show exhibitors! You might already be buzzing about their latest decision, effective from next July, which brings a thrilling twist to dog shows beyond National Specialties. Now, Reserve Winners Dog and Bitch at specialties can also earn majors!

What's the Buzz About?

The AKC's announcement has sparked diverse opinions. Some argue that this change might dilute the prestige of winning at the National Specialty. Others believe it’s a strategic move to revive regional club shows, which have seen dwindling entries. But what does this mean for you and your beloved canine companions?

The Rule's Impact on Dog Shows

This rule aims to invigorate participation by offering additional majors, especially when they're scarce. For many exhibitors, the struggle to achieve championship status due to the lack of majors has been disheartening and expensive. This change could be a game-changer, making championships more attainable and keeping the spirit of competition alive.

A Reflection of Societal Shifts

We're witnessing societal influences reshape our sports, including dog shows. The ethos of inclusivity and reward for participation, reminiscent of youth sports cultures, is now permeating the dog show world. As my friend insightfully puts it, "It's a push and pull between tradition and relevancy."

What Does the Future Hold?

I believe that any win at a specialty show will hold its value and be celebrated. It's about showcasing quality breeding and talent. The new rule doesn’t diminish the significance of Nationals but adds another layer of excitement and opportunity in the dog show arena.

Your Thoughts Matter!

But enough about what I think. I'm eager to hear your views! Do you see this as a positive step forward or a deviation from tradition? How will this affect your approach to dog shows?


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